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Some questions to answer: What makes popular music popular? How is today’s music different from that of over 30 years ago?

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I have been using the Spotify app for the past year to listen to my favorite artists and get new song recommendations. Recently, I learned that the app classifies the tracks according to a system of audio features, and that it stores them in a database easily accessible through its API. So, I thought: can we use this database to understand the tracks in it better? That is, can we discover any trends based on subgroups of music divided on things like popularity or year it has been released? Let’s begin:

Audio Features:

According to the Spotify website, all of…

An exploratory data analysis story.

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I have recently started rewatching Game of Thrones, starting all the way from Season 1. Since I was a relatively committed fan of the series since its beginning, I thought that Season 8 was largely disappointing. More specifically, the plot lines were either abandoned or rushed, and I didn’t agree with almost anything that happened in the story. Other people at the time also seemed to think the same.

So, I thought: could we look at Season 8 from a data science viewpoint? That is, can we show objectively that the writing was genuinely bad, aside from the viewers’ own…

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Question: How can data science be used in helping us understand developing cities better?

Hello Medium!

Data science is an interdisciplinary field, with most of its applications still undeveloped. One of the areas data science can help improve is urban planning and development. For instance, I have always been interested in the concept of “smart cities”, or cities engineered to be as efficient as possible. In this tutorial, we are going to look at Tirana, Albania’s capital and also my home city. …

Dea Bardhoshi

I am a student and an aspiring data scientist, interested in all applications of data science.

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